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Easter 2025 and 2026

Costa Rica celebrates Easter in a manner similar to other Roman Catholic and Latin American countries. It does, however, have some unique traditions all its own as well. The country has two public holidays for Easter, being Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

202517 AprThuMaundy Thursday
18 AprFriGood Friday
20262 AprThuMaundy Thursday
3 AprFriGood Friday
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The whole week leading up to Easter Sunday, Holy Week, is a time of religious processions and festivals all over the country. Some will attend mass on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday itself. Some will fast the whole week as well, or at least, on Good Friday, the day of Christ’s death on the cross.

Others, however, are less religious and head to the beaches to catch some sun and then head back home to enjoy festive foods. But even those fasting (from red meat) will eat veggie tamales and seafood.

The number one stand-out event is National Theater Company concert and festival in San Jose, the capital city. But the Thursday and Friday before Easter are the real heart of the celebration in Costa Rica. And most will have both these days off work or school.

Previous Years

202428 MarThuMaundy Thursday
29 MarFriGood Friday
20236 AprThuMaundy Thursday
7 AprFriGood Friday