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Lady of the Angels Day

Lady of the Angels Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Costa Rica celebrates Lady of the Angels Day on 2 August as an official public holiday. The festivities are very religious and are centred in Cartago City, where the Our Lady of the Angels basilica is located.

20242 AugFriLady of the Angels Day
20252 AugSatLady of the Angels Day
20262 AugSunLady of the Angels Day
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In 1635, legend has it, a young girl called “La Negrita” (the little black girl) appeared in Cartago City next to a “holy rock”. The church was built on the site of the rock, where the appearance was reported; but later, earthquakes and lava flows forced the moving of the church and the rock to a nearby location, where it remains today.

Every Lady of the Angels Day, swarms of people come to Cartago City and kneel down on the ground, covering around a quarter-mile of terrain. They do this seeking healing for their diseases, long life, and the granting of any wishes they may have. Also, many will throng the streets of Cartago City, singing and dancing in the old traditional ways of their forefathers.

The events of Lady of the Angels Day make big news in religious, especially Roman Catholic, media outlets every year. And many come from all over Costa Rica, Latin America, and the world to take part in the celebrations or to seek a miracle.

Previous Years

20232 AugWedLady of the Angels Day
20222 AugTueLady of the Angels Day